As the day was coming to an end in southern Pennsylvania, we started scouting for a place to stay. At the top of a hill, on the end of a hilly day, we could make out a Fire house. The idea started budding… should we try? would they let us in?

Good thing we did ask them because we had an incredible night and got to learn so much!

In small towns, fire fighting is done by volunteers, offering this kind of service to their communities. They do it out of passion for the job and as a way to give back to the people!

Not only did they not mind us staying over for the night, they actually offered us quite an evening! They were having a drill for the junior firefighters, so they took the time to show us how it all works! After sharing a pizza, they showed us all their gear and the basics of the job. We were really impressed! Not only choosing to do this as volunteers for their communities, but also doing a risky job, with heavy and hot uniforms, and going into the fires to save people!

We were also so thankful for their trust, letting us stay over in the station for the night, offering us a great bed and a good night’s rest before seizing the next day! So thank you!!!

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3 thoughts on “Firefighters!!!

  1. Mom

    How fabulous to meet those people! and such an amazing experience for you. The world is quite a place, filled with people with such big hearts!

  2. Susan

    One day when Greg was very little, i needed to find something to do because the house was being torn apart with construction by…..guess who! Your uncle of course! I walked into the central fire station and the firefighters embraced Greg and showed him all around, letting him wear their hat! Special people 🙂

  3. Maelle


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