Merry Land, Sad Coons

Across the Mason-Dixon line, we now officially reached the American South!

Although we must admit it wasn’t much of a shock. Maryland seemed quite similar to what we’d seen so far. Very peaceful rural roads and beautiful scenery (progressively less hilly than Pennsylvania), and great people along the way!

Leaves seem to get greener as days go by! Traveling south is like going back through the seasons! How cool is that!

So let’s add a little note on one of the tragedies of our route.


(we’re trying to add a little dramatic emphasis here…)

The smaller the roads and the more rural the area, the more roadkill you see! It comes in all shapes, sizes and degrees of decay, but Maryland seemed specialized in fresh raccoons! So we’d just like to honor all those brave Procionidae who risk (and often lose) their lives crossing the rural American back roads in search for better lives. Peace.

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3 thoughts on “Merry Land, Sad Coons

  1. Mom

    Are you really always smiling? me too, when I read your posts!

  2. Clara

    The mystery green fruit is called an Osage Orange ( Not edible but certainly strange looking. Safe ridding. Sorry I missed you in DC.

  3. France et Cédric

    Mmm faites quand même attention aux limaces-léopards.
    Et surtout, plus au sud, faites attention aux léopards-limaces !

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