On to Richmond!

Some people say DC has some of the worst traffic in the country. Well if you’re a bike, that’s nothing compared to Northern Virginia. For cars, it might actually be quite nice! High speeds, practically no shoulders and no back roads to hide on!

After leaving Alexandria early in the morning (which is quite a feat for us) and taking a nice trail to Mount Vernon (George Washington’s mansion), we had a long and noisy day getting out of the Suburbs and Exurbs (yeah, we just learned a new word so we needed to post it somewhere).

But things have been rolling after that! We enjoyed the hospitality of Tom and Liz, had nice country roads and beautiful (although increasingly cold) weather!

One of the notable sights throughout Virginia is the innumerable battlefields and historical landmarks of the Civil War. The whole stretch between DC and Richmond (former capital of the Confederacy, in Virginia) is scattered with plaques telling you how many people were killed and who won which gruesome battle right below your feet. Fredericksburg, in particular, apart from being a quaint town, gave us a lot of those bloody facts and figures.

“On to Richmond” is one of the cries that inspired the Union troops to try (often unsuccessfully) to capture the capital of the Confederation during the war. Now we sure didn’t capture the city, but our ride through it was wonderful! It’s one of those cities we rode through and said “wow, we could live here!”. A bike friendly community, beautiful landcape, a strategic position right on the Fall line, at the intersection of very different regions, beautiful houses and friendly and outgoing neighbors!

We spent 2 great days in the city, riding around its quaint streets, enjoying the food, and enjoying time with our host family, Glen, Laetitia, and their 4 adorable boys Logan, Miles, Mason and Taylor! We weren’t the only bikers in the house either! We met Ernest, from South Africa, who’s been touring the world on his bike for 6.5 years!
Anyway, it was really lots of fun to pack on some good “family time” we’ve been missing since we started our trip!

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5 thoughts on “On to Richmond!

  1. Mom

    Oh I love this! a few pictures before going to school and I’ll enjoy reading it later! thanks!!!

  2. christel

    I feel like I become a person of culture after reading this post! Love the hanging bike path under the highways, they should have those all over.

  3. christel

    Still no way of correcting posts for typos? What’s the webmaster doing?

  4. Magali

    “Il y a des nouvelles photos de Maëlle et Jo!” Yes trop cool, génial! on a trop d’booolll” répondent les enfants! 🙂

  5. Susan

    Love it! Thanks for the English entries! The meaning is blurred with google translator, but I still get a flavor of your experiences. You sound happy and eager for more adventures! Sending our love

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