Two Wheels ‘n Tar Heels

North Carolina…

The homeland of Michael Jordan and birthplace of aviation… We had to have a look! (although the latter title is apparently heavily disputed with Ohio, but let’s not get into that)

The landscape really has flattened out since the South of Virginia (or maybe we’re so strong now that the hills seem easier?). North Carolina offered us some nice flat and rolling rides, great encounters and a beautiful excursion to the Outer Banks! If we were to highlight a few amazing North Carolinian moments… those would be:

  • Tasting home-smoked salmon by the fire on a starry night in Camden
  • Seeing the most amazing sunrises in Nags Head
  • Tasting the world’s best pancakes in Kitty Hawk
  • Tasting the world’s best cookies in Wilmington
  • Having our first all-you-can-eat meal Mongolian buffet in Wilmington
  • Receiving home-made cupcakes in Otway

(Is it just me or do 95 percent of life’s most intense moments have to do with food? Well in fact the food was amazing, but the fact of sharing those moments with people we met really did a lot for those moments!)

The states have also become big enough for us to feel more of a sense of accomplishment when we cross the state boundaries!

Some people have been wondering how we do to find a place to stay each night. So here’s a little bit of information on that!

We try to get a Warmshowers place about every 3  days… enjoying the company and comfort of an evening with bike enthusiasts, possibly enjoying a good meal together! Otherwise, we usually depend on the sun. When in the evening, the light starts to get pretty (“magic hour” as the photographers call it), we know we have to find a place to stay (and take pictures!), so we can cook and pitch our tent before dark. We then usually try to find a nice rural area and ask people if we can pitch our tent nearby. Most people are really nice about it, and almost always say yes! Either we then say good night and settle in, or they’ll be excited about our trip and want to know more! In those cases, we spend the evening together and share stories! Altogether, the hospitality and enthusiasm we get from our hosts are big highlights of our trip! 

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5 thoughts on “Two Wheels ‘n Tar Heels

  1. Mom

    I think your new kitchen, Jonathan, is really the most fabulous one I have ever seen! …Are you the surfer???…and the peanut butter picture is so cool! Thank for sharing your life with us. Big hug and loads of love.

  2. France et Cédric

    “Is it just me or do 95 percent of life’s most intense moments have to do with food?”

    Euh, ben Jonathan, il y a peut-être un lien avec cette phrase du début du blog…

    “Avant d’aller dormir, Jonathan se brosse les dents alors que Maelle…”

  3. Pauline & Phil

    Loved your elegant dance moves on the beach “balance beam.” You make it look so easy! True accomplishments to celebrate when you get to a new state (wow, can’t imagine even doing that by car with the convenience of carrying our equipment & supplies). Congrats on the many “milestones!”

  4. Lauwlauw

    Peace out hombres

  5. Debbie Marlowe

    So glad you two experienced a taste of our state. The NC sunrises and sunsets can be spectacular! Glad you enjoyed the cupcakes. I wish you both the best in a safe journey across our country!

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