A Nasty Southern Snack

There’s a local legend according to which the Governor of South Carolina invited all the high dignitaries in the World and served them iced tea and boiled peanuts, the State’s “official snacks” (the latter being especially messy and yummy to munch on)! 

I guess we felt like high dignitaries ourselves, being treated to South Carolina’s local specialties! Whether it be corn bread or grits by the live oaks, rambling in the streets of antebellum Charleston in a trolly (from which the hysterical driver escaped in the middle of a street for a bathroom break), or trying out fried green tomatoes in a roadside restaurant, we got wonderful flavors from the land of “smiley faces & beautiful places”!

On a more cultural note, we’re currently reading (…wait for it…) a book (yes sir! who said this couldn’t be both a physical and intellectual endavor!) called “Wild” in which the author Cheryl Strayed accounts of her hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. Reading about the self-inflicted torture that other ways of traveling can be made us realize how comfortable it actually is to tour across the country by bike. It kind of feels like a second Honeymoon… or should we maybe call it Peanut Buttermoon given the number of jars we’ve already wolfed down for breakfast! (or any kind of dessert)

PS: Try to find the 2 pictures below which are not from South Carolina!

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3 thoughts on “A Nasty Southern Snack

  1. Susan

    Thanks for keeping up the posts! I enjoy them, especially knowing how you are doing ❤

  2. Mom

    Two pictures are from The Outer Banks???

  3. Pauline & Phil

    The trees look different in the photos with the steeples. Could it be those 2 were taken more north of South Carolina?

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