Georgia On My Bike

Ray Charles warned us about the pine trees (although he didn’t mention that they were everywhere)… But he forgot all about the beasts of the Southern Wild hiding in the swamps of Georgia’s outbacks! We had close encounters with snakes, ibises, alligators, aurochs… you name it! OK we may have pushed it a bit far on that last one.

Nevertheless, a bike ride through Georgia will guarantee you a feeling of being lost in the Deep South! Thanks to the people and hunters you meet, the food you eat, the bridges you cross, and the gators you go canoeing by!

With exotic names like Savannah and Okefenokee, Georgia took us for a ride on the wild side!

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One thought on “Georgia On My Bike

  1. Pauline & Phil

    What a feat! After riding on such a huge high bridge, you deserve the comfort of a tall stack of large pancakes (with peaches). Triumphant!

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