A Doggy Dog World

“Can I do anything to help?”
“Oh yeah, you can grab some leftover shingles behind the shop for the A-frame and ask Milly to pooper-scoop the drive before we bring in the Trader Joe’s and the drums for the pigs. Oh, and could you check if d’Artagnan is still after the Yorkie?”
You didn’t understand half the words in this sentence? Neither did we, at first. But after 2 weeks, we could almost say we mastered the Simonton Farms vernacular!
After 2.5 months of biking, we figured it would be good for us to get our hands dirty with something else than chain lube. With over a month ahead of us to go down the Atlantic coast of Florida, we could take advantage of the extra time to go wwoofing!
Those puzzled looks on your faces will soon relax as we will now provide a short explanation of this new and exotic term.
World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Basically, it’s an organization allowing people to work on farms in exchange for food, shelter and a great learning experience! Wwoofing is a term you may use quite liberally: to wwoof, a wwoofer, a wwoofing experience…
And at Simonton Farms in Micanopy, Florida, Sid and Susan take in wwoofers galore! And we were lucky enough to wwoof with them! (See, we’re already getting used to the terminology).
We were 9 wwoofers, from the US, New Zealand, France and Begium (that’s us!). And there was a lot of stuff going on! It took us maybe a day or two to get really started on stable (and by that we don’t mean horses) jobs, but we were finally proudly responsible for: laying shinges on the “A-frame” (one of the home-built wwoofer houses on the property), erecting fences for the peas to climb on, making jam… but most of all, we were the official Pooper Scoopers of the puppy area!
That’s right, the main output of the farm is puppies! Hundreds of puppies to take care of (and inevitably, of poops to scoop out), and lots of side projects too! Tending to the vegetable garden, restoring the plant nursery, feeding the pigs and chicken, collecting unsold perishable items from the organic grocery store, giving some away, processing others, preparing dinner for the whole gang (at least 15 people)… and there’s always room for more ideas and fun in this doggy dog world!

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3 thoughts on “A Doggy Dog World

  1. Susan

    Interesting place! BTW we are having. Nor’easter here, (snow and wind dorm og the northeast)

  2. Susan

    Hmm, I guess my eyes were not sharp last night, should have said, …” a Nor’eater, (snow and wind storm in the northeast), I imagine, it’s much warmer there. Carl is out with the four wheeler with the plow attached, clearing the driveway.

  3. My son is about to go on his first Wwoofing experience at this farm. He’s only 19, so I’m doing a little research. It sounds like you had a great time there. Any thoughts on what he might find there?

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