You can eat anthing you want at the McCarty’s restaurant

Setting your fork down after taking your last piece of pumpkin pie and feeling so full that all you can think of is “I’ll… never… eat… again”. We knew how intense and fulfilling that would be. But then sitting around the table and singing along to the 20 min anthem of “You can have anything you want at Alice’s restaurant”… now that’s a Thanksgiving tradition we didn’t know of!

Thanksgiving. Our first holiday away from home since the beginning of our trip. And such an important family gathering in the US. We had really hoped to find people to share it with! And we were with the McCarty family and all their guests (about 25 people), making all of us feel like family! There was a lot of action going on around the stove in the 24 hours prior to the feast. And the result was amazing! We most probably shared the most scrumptuous meal ever seen on the face of the planet!

It was a feast for both tastebuds and souls. The abundance of food made a good metaphor for all we are thankful for!
For having each other every moment of every day on this adventure
For the incredible hospitality of the people we met and who’ve taken us in
For all the cars that didn’t run us over
For the e-mails and encouragement from our family and friends during our tour
For the wwoofing experience and the good times with the whole McCarty family and other wwoofers. Thank you Sid, Susan, Nea, Sunna, Sidney, Nia, Jesse, Joseph, Jay, Ilona, Eric, Morgan, Gaspar and Anissa
For corn bread and lemonade
For the mechanics of our noble steeds, Dynamite and Fireworks, who haven’t had a single flat tire since we started
For sun, stars and tail winds
For spiders and frogs, for being brave mosquito predators (although they could do a better job, sometimes)

And you, what are you thankful for ?

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3 thoughts on “You can eat anthing you want at the McCarty’s restaurant

  1. Mom

    Yes, it does look like quite a table! a little bigger than ours because you were not there! 😉
    I was so happy you could celebrate Thanksgiving with other nice people, in a home! As a mom I feel so thankful for Sid, Susan and their family too!

  2. Linda and Dan

    Awe thanks for writing a note in English to we un educated Americans who only speak one language. We do so enjoy reading all your post and pictures. We are off on a road and plane trip to Atlanta Georgia and the flying for Christmas to be with our kids Henry and Kit and daughter inlaw Mary in Denver , Colorado. We will see snow and perhaps do a snowshoeing trip to the wilderness in the mountains. We may also go to my favorite hot springs glenwood springs and soak in the pool.
    Have an excellent time with your family in Miami!

  3. Susan

    Thankful for your posts!

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