Florida’s Ride of Fame!

Bold and adventurous as conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon in 1513, we overtook the sunshine peninsula as fast as the wind blows! Well, almost. It’s hard to outrun the 20 miles per hour tailwinds (although we were quite thankful for them), and we didn’t really feel like forcing thr natives into slavery in order to chop down mahogany trees for us (no room for that in our panniers anyway).
Nevertheless, it almost felt like local legends Mickey Mouse and Henry Flagler (name dropping alert) laid out a smooth red carpet for us to roll down on our final xxx mile stretch to the end of Atlantic Adventure.
Among the stars scattered around the Ride of Fame, we should mention:
* A smoldering defeat of the local college football heroes, the Florida Gators, in their 90,000 person stadium. A couple more games and we might understand all the rules of the game. However it would probably take us a few more years of immersion to embrace the military propaganda going on between each down.
* A stroll across St Augustine, the USA’s “oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement” (patent pending), which we will remember for almost-visiting-the-old-fort and impersonating students in order to roam freely through its 5 star resort/private college
* Our lucky strike of Warm Showers on the way down the Atlantic Coast, with once again so many kind and generous people along the way
* A sprint across Miami (or at least between its stoplights) in rush hour (it’s apparently always rush hour in Miami)
* The final sprint down to the Keys, end of Volume I of our journey! But more on that later. Now it’s time to enjoy some holiday time with my parents who came over for Christmas!

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9 thoughts on “Florida’s Ride of Fame!

  1. Pauline & Phil

    A fabulous array of Floridian landscapes and your funtastic adventures! Congratulations on Vol.1 of your journey and reaching the Keys! Warm & merry holidays and a very Happy New Year!

  2. Mom

    And we are here too, with you! Such a Joy! You two are amazing! and the people you’ve met are indeed wonderful8 Happy New Year to all of them too!

  3. France et Cédric

    Bonne année à vous deux (ainsi qu’à vos supporters), et encore beaucoup de kilomètres !

  4. Luc et Anne-Marie

    Quel plaisir de vous lire depuis votre départ. Nous vous souhaitons une splendide année 2014 aussi riche en rencontres et découvertes inédites et enrichissantes,
    Et beaucoup de soleil pour vous accompagner !

  5. Christel

    I feel like I’m part of volume I’s last chapter, with my Hemingway cat bowl replica. Love it! Thank you!

  6. Tracy Bryant

    I was outside in my yard this evening playing ball with the dogs, when along came Maelle and Johnathan. I was surprised when they asked if they could camp for the evening, I called my husband and he approved. Maelle and Johnathan set up camp out back, gathered some wood, set up their tent and watched the sun set in the field to the west. It is rather cold in Florida today, I had to cook them some dinner, and warm tea and wine. We finished the evening with some marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. My daughter, Courtney came out to join the conversation. We really enjoyed meeting you both and wish you safe travels across the USA. Keep in touch. 🙂

  7. Mom

    I don’t know you Tracy, but as a mom I feel so thankful for people like you. Thanks for making some room for my son and daughter-in-law in your life, cooking a meal, preparing warm tea and wine…and I smile when I read about the lovely people they meet!

    • Tracy Bryant

      Hello Fellow Mother, I enjoyed them so much, just don’t feel like I was able to do enough for them. They left a warm happiness in my heart that left me smiling continuous all day Friday. Just wish we were able to spend more time with them and to hear stories of their travels. I commend them for taking on such a journey, their courage and strength are so inspiring. We may be in Utah/Wyoming around July 4th,-July 11th, would be great if we could plan a reunion before their USA journey ends.
      Don’t think I mentioned we live in Alachua, just outside of Gainesville, Florida. I was really happy they were able to attend the Florida Gators Football game. If they ever want to come back, we have season tickets 🙂 Go Gators…We have been viewing the web page, love seeing everything they have written and pictures of all the adventures they have taken on. Take care, keep on smiling, you have a wonderful family, I’m sure there are many more lives they will touch before this journey ends.

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