Lone Stars and Clear Skies

This is Texas, Sweetie. So you’d better smile at the cars going by.  ‘Cause if they don’t like the way you look at ’em, they’ll get out of their car and shoot you!
Well, some people know just to set a mood. And an incorrect one, for that matter: apart from that first encounter, Texans have all been encouraging and sweet to us the whole way (our everlasting smiles must have helped, but our maxillary muscles are still sore now).
That being said, “Did you know Texas was once a nation? And we can secede anytime we want to!“. Well if we didn’t know that before entering the state, the people we met along the way made sure we heard it almost every day. Texans are proud of their state. Although some people might take these statements seriously, our hosts had their heads on their shoulders and liked to joke about it. But it’s true Texas has a lot to offer besides oil:
* The end of the cold spell and rain
* Rolling hills and beautiful sunsets
* Beautiful cows!
After a few days in the land where cowboy hats aren’t just for costumes, we headed into Austin. In town, our hosts gave us great tips on the the beautiful spots to discover! So we did our best to enjoy swimming in the springs, two-step dancing in a honky-tonk, and napping around Ladybird Lake!

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2 thoughts on “Lone Stars and Clear Skies

  1. Mom

    I read and read your posts over and over again, I print your pictures in my mind until I almost know them by heart and feel I’m a little bit there with you! I look at the people you photographed and I feel so thankful for their kindness and their warm welcome!… and I feel happy “thanks to you”. A big e-hug from me! 😉

  2. Christel

    Sam thanks you for the great postcard from Texas, but wonders what happened to Louisiana. Could he be missing one? We’ll cross our fingers for it to arrive, he’s collecting your postcards with lots of care.

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