In a Parallel Universe

What if things had gone the other way around? What if, instead of moving to Belgium, my dad had convinced my mom to come live in the US with him?
Would we have gone for a 10 month bike tour around the Land of Chocolate, Beer and Fries? Would we have spent our childhood summer vacations in the luscious beach town of Blankenberge eating speculoos ice cream and riding a cuistax? Unfortunately, some questions will remain unanswered. But by riding to the San Francisco Bay Area, we did get a little glimpse of what life could have been. Because that’s where my dad’s college friends all moved to.

So as we connected the dots between each one of them, we sewed the fabric of my life in a parallel universe. In a nutshell, we would have lived by the Pacific, gone for walks among the redwoods, commuted across the Golden Gate bridge, rooted for the San Jose Sharks and eaten artichoke soups!

But who am I kidding, my dad was too much of an East coast guy, anyway.
So thanks Chris, Jan, Bob, Gail, Aaron, Mackensie, John, Kathleen and Caitlyn for the great time and giving us a flavor my parallel life!

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4 thoughts on “In a Parallel Universe

  1. Mom

    I love this post, how you dream of what choices Dad could have made…BUT would he have met me? would you have met Maëlle?….no answers to those questions 😉 His friends are wonderful people and seeing them on the pictures and hearing from you how they welcomed both of you, makes me feel so thankful for all we have been living across two continents for so many years already, and I think you two have been so lucky to spend some time with them (all that thanks to the fact that Maëlle’s parents decided to land in San Fransisco, isin’t it?).

  2. Mom

    Sorry , I made a mistake….I saw that in any case, in your parallel life, I would have met Dad first… Phew!:)

  3. Magali et David

    Et dans ta vie parallèle… je rencontre David?!

  4. France et Cédric

    Dans ta vie parallèle, tu ne serais pour nous que le neveu américain d’Elisabeth. Mais nous vous offririons volontiers une douche chaude lors de votre périple en Belgique. Et nous aurions notre photo dans votre blog !!! Ooh, ça aurait été chouette… Mais bon tant pis.

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