Colors Galore

  • Our chains after a snowy day. The Canyon of the Gunnison. Nights above 3000 meters. The endless ribbon of tar crossing the state, our route. Black.
  • Rocks and cliffs in the San Miguel river valley. Beans in chili sauce. Tail lights in the fog. The flower on Fireworks’s handlebar. Our cheeks after a climb. Red.
  • Snow capped peaks over 4000 meters high. Snow and hail falling on 2 bikers attempting to pass over the Dallas Divide. Clouds looming over us, saying “Watch out”. White. (Well… whitish gray).
  • Spruces, pines and budding aspen leaves finally coming out after an 8-month winter. Fireworks. Green.
  • Granola. Dry wintering grass. Log cabins. Wood fences. Elks (were they really?). Brown
  • Our windbreakers. Clear skies on happy days. Water, whether it’s ice cold rivers or hot springs and tubs. Dynamite. Blue.

As we crossed the state border, they said “Welcome to Colorful Colorado”. A land inviting us to paint our own adventures, climb every mountain and ford every stream.

But some of Colorado’s best treats don’t come in colors: downhills, full & happy bellies after a day’s ride, tailwinds, and catching your breath at the summit of a mountain pass.

So ride on.

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6 thoughts on “Colors Galore

  1. Mom

    Climb every mountain, ford every stream! Yes!Yes!Yes! I love it and not only in my class ;o)
    You are amazing, incredibly brave, your feat is breathtaking, flabbergasting, impressive, fabulous…I’m dancing with pride in my heart! Go and climb more mountains, ford more streams and don’t forget to sing it as you won’t hear it on the country music radio station! Big hug (warm and sunny).

  2. Magali et David

    You look sooooo happy in the snow! You must have some magic trick though to go from cold proof layers of clothing to sunny weather apparel…

  3. Pauline & Phil

    Looking so huggable in your winter-wear! We just want to give you cups of hot chocolate, plenty of it with cream on top–like the snow on the mountain tops! Were you warm in shorts at snowy Monarch Pass? Hopefully you are “filling up” with colorful protein at stops, tough riders!

  4. Susan Dumas

    We know you are enjoying the many hues of your experience! So happy for you!

  5. Timmy!

    Woaw! I’m happy you guys are still seeing ‘la vie en rose’ ! 😀
    Een mopje for our chemistry teacher :

    Two men walk into a bar.
    One man orders H2O.
    The other says : ‘I’ll have H2O, too’

    The second man dies

    See you on sunday!

  6. christel

    Unbelievable! and beautiful! and such great prose. You definitely are the writer of the family 😉

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