Dreams are made possible if you try

After Vancouver comes Vancouver. Another one, Vancouver Island this time. An island that calls itself the bicycle capital of Canada, and we were all to eager to explore.
After our first night of Mansion Camping (i.e. pitching your tent in the backyard of a mansion), we rode down the island on a designated bike trail all the way down to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. We even got to endulge in a little sightseeing. And among the monuments that catch the eye, one of them stood out for us. A statue of Terry Fox, a kid who got diagnosed with bone cancer in his teens. After undergoing a first amputation, enduring and seeing the suffering of cancer patients, he decided to take a stand and run a Marathon for Hope across Canada. His plan was to run from the East coast of the country to the West, raising awareness, funds for research and hope for a cure. His race ended short in Ontario where his condition forced him to stop. He died shortly afterwards in 1981 at the age of 22. But as the moniument says, his legacy lives on.
When people ask us why we’re doing this, the answers always go something like “for adventure”, “to discover this beautiful area”, “to learn more about a country that’s part of our identity”. Terry’s journey was of a different kind. We took a moment to pay our respect to his inspiring story and remind ourselves of how fortunate we are. And that “dreams are made possible if you try”. 

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One thought on “Dreams are made possible if you try

  1. Mom

    Now, I had never thought this would happen!!! I have hugged you, kissed you, hugged you, talked with you, looked at you,…and after that, another post that you wrote here in your room at Grandma’s house! It is just “glorious”! and no need for hugs in this blog any more! Dreams do come true, if you believe in them!

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