Rhode Island

Cutting across the Ocean State!

It only took us 2 days to cut across the beautiful state of Rhode Island!  Oh all right… it’s smaller in size than Belgium. But still, there’s great pride in crossing so many state lines in such short time!

After leaving auntie Pauline and uncle Phil in Tiverton, we set off for our tour. Now on our own across the country! Well… not really on our own, if you count all the people who come say hi and ask questions each time we stop somewhere!

After a crossing of a couple of bridges with spectacular views, we followed a trail leading from Bristol to Providence. After a short pit stop in the city, we headed West and spent our first night camping in a suburb. Not the best sleep we ever had, but we’re getting into the rythm! We’re starting to live with the sun. So if it sets at 7pm, we’ll probably be asleep by.. 7:02!

The next day, we headed on to cross the border to Connecticut, passing by beautiful lakes and woodlands under perfect blue skies!

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