Washington DC

The Ride on Washington

Visiting DC while the Government is shut down is quite an experience. Then again, seeing the stuff when it’s actually open is even more fun. So how lucky we are to have done both!
We got to stay over a few nights at Pam and Victor’s so we could have some good time with them. Then we extended the visit to the capital by staying 2 more nights at Scott’s in Alexandria, an old town on the South side of the city!

What we most remember from our visit…

  • Going in the Capitol and visiting the gallery of the House of Representation, with more visitors than congressmen inside!
  • After spending 20 years apart, saying hi to Lincoln again from behind a fence! (Then again the next day from close by)
  • Spending the most intellectual time since the start of our visit (and probably for a long time!): Going through memorials, and museums of all kind! (National Geographic, American Indian, Air & Space -just long enough to touch a moon rock- and American History!)
  • Working our way through another city by another shared bike system (and having a hard time finding a place to park our bikes!)
  • Good meals and good times with Pam and Victor in Silver Spring, then with Scott in Alexandria! At the same time as getting a good crash course to American politis and institutions!
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