7 thoughts on “Map

  1. Daniel

    Very cool blog! Great pictures! We enjoy reading every word!

  2. Mom

    WOW! Now that is glorious, fabulous, amazing! i knew you two are full of ressources, but this is just beyond what i imagined.
    Hugs and love are following you all the way!

  3. eline

    Maëlle, je te reconnais tout à fait là, Jonathan je te connais un peu moins ms de mieux en mieux qd même 😉 Félicitations à vous, cette visite est un vrai plaisir. Bisous des vaches des alpages suisses (eh oui, moi aussi j’ai bougé)! Plein de bonheur… et merci pour partager le vôtre!

  4. Mom

    I love the new big pictures too. You have no ideas what it is to see both of you for me! It’s glorious!

  5. Mom

    500 km already you said…”That’s one small step (on your map), but (already) one giant leap for (you two) ; )

  6. Dianenyc

    Maybe your riding through this area is why the weather had turned so beautiful!!! Whatever the reason, hope you’re enjoying how great (the weather) is.
    You both look wonderful in those photos!!! Have fun.

    I’m actually most interesting in your crossing the Rocky Mountains–will have to check my local maps to see how steep the climb and how high you’ll be!!

  7. Mom

    All right, I’ve managed to read most of it before leaving for school. I Love it!;) I’ll something wonderful to think about while invigilating my students this morning!

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