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Ready to roll!

It all started once upon a time… two high school kids started dating and were talking about their dreams. It probably sounded something like “One day, we’ll travel abroad on a great adventure, live by the day…”.

How do we want to travel, where, when… were all quite vague at first. Having been on a few bike overnight trips, we discovered bike touring as an amazing way to travel at a new pace, really “feel” the scenery, meet people and enjoy every moment of the trip! Now where do we want to go…

We both have dual citizenships (Belgian and American) but didn’t know that much about the US, we wanted to be able to have real conversations with the people we’d meet, see amazing landscapes, have good bike roads… and if it could be a chance to see our family abroad, it only made more sense! So off to the USA!

We mapped out a few locations we really wanted to see (family in the North-east, the indian summer, the national parks around the Rockies, the South, going from one coast to the other…), and our commitments at home (Maëlle following a training to become a psychotherapist, our appartment lease…) and it all fit into this big smile-shaped tour across the country, from September 2013 to July 2014!

So we were ready to hit the road! Well, after some preparations of course!

Here’s a look at some pictures from a soaking wet bike training week-end with some of our friends and from our goodbye party with friends and family!

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