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We the People

The family’s taxi rode away to the sunset… Sorry, to the airport.

And as we faced each other, all sorts of feelings fled through our minds. Here we go… last 3 months of our journey. No doubt the most beautiful and challenging rides ahead of us. How do we do this again? Just ride off not knowing where we’re going? How are we going to manage food and water? And safety?

So many questions we used to answer with a reassuring smile on our faces. But on this scale? In the desert, the mountains, the cold and the heat?

The good news is, these are questions that can worry you when you’re not on the bike. Once you get back on, you just go for it. And so, we went.

We made our farewells to Vegas and its craziness, to head East for the first time in our journey, off through the desert and to the Rockies!

We were of course equipped with our “Poor Boy’s Gatorade” (add a pinch of salt to your water bottle… patent pending) as we ventured off. And the desert rewarded us with some wild scenery… And wild people. After all, this is the West! And if you doubt it, try stopping by the Bundee Ranch. In the middle of Nowhere, Nevada, you’ll meet people who’ve been defying the Feds over their grazing rights (or lack thereof). Apparently, it’s been on national news for a while, especially since the armed face-off between federal agents and the Bundee’s militia.  But we just rode in innocently, received some cold water and (we’re in here for the experience after all) attended their press conference.

The bottom line? “We the people” will take control of our land and constitutional rights. Another “out of this world” experience for 2 young Belgians. But hey, it’s what we’re here for!

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