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New York Angels

Angels is something you’d rather expect in a city on the West coast. But New York state has angels of its own!

Let’s explain:  There’s such a thing the bike community calls Angels. It’s those people who seem to fall from heaven and ask the kind of magic questions like “Where are you heading to? Where are you sleeping tonight? Can I offer you a night in my home?”. We’ve had a couple of those amazing experiences in New York: Cherry and Allan in Amenia, and John and Denis in Shawangunk. After a day’s ride, it’s such an amazing feeling to be welcomed, to get to meet the locals, and to spend a fun evening together!

New York was also our first state out of New England! We’re now off into the Mid-Atlantic for new adventures! More beautiful scenery, great times together, and a chance to see New York City! But more on that later… Let’s first enjoy some of the rural scenery around Poughkeepsie and the Hudson River Valley, before heading for another big river!

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