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Grand Cabbage Canyon

About 20 years ago, my parents took us to the Grand Canyon, fulfilling my mom’s lifelong dream and attempting to offer their kids a mind-blowing experience. And according to the story, all my sister managed to say once we got there was “oh, c’est chou”. Which literally translates to “oh, it’s cabbage”. More accurately, it means she thought the grand canyon looked cute.

Since we were headed to Northern Arizona, we figured we had to put that statement to the test of our now-mature and adult eyes.
Well, sorry to say, but the Grand Canyon looks like anything but a cabbage. Heck, it doesn’t even look cute. It’s simply eye-opening mind-boggling awe-inspring and Grand. Once again we’re mad at our camera for not conveying the right emotions on pictures, but it’ll do I guess!

And to all the moms out there who love commenting our posts, a happy mothers day!

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