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City of Angels

When traveling through the Western US, you have to get used to expansiveness at a whole new scale. And here it was, Los Angeles.  Imagine a city – nay, a metropolis – spread out on on area the size of Flanders, with a population larger than all of Belgium put together. We have to admit our scale of comparison is a bit biased, but it’s the best one we know. But even on an American scale, LA defies understanding. With a population of about 13 million people, it means that if you randomly know someone in the US, there’s 1 chance out of 23 that he or she lives in LA!

No wonder we had people to meet there! Including my cousins Ryan and Evan, and family friends Steph, Seb and their daughters, and Timothy.

Now riding along the coast of Southern California is like checking names on the list of all the movies, shows and songs you’ve heard of or seen. Malibu, Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Beverly Hills… It’s all there! And it feels just like riding through a Beach Boys song!


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