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Race to the Wet Coast !

We had talked about our “end of the bike ride bucket list”. On that list, was to have some kind of an apotheosis, a Grand Finale for our bike ride.

So there we were one day, happily eating pancakes at a local restaurant. And all of a sudden, she says to me “How about we ride to Vancouver fast enough to make it for Canada Day, July 1st! We race to the coast, enjoy the parades and celebrate the end of our journey with fireworks!”. Sounds like fun, but how far is it? How fast do we have to ride?

After a brief map analysis, it turns out we’ve got over 700 km to go and about 1 week left before Canada Day. After 9 months of riding, it sounds like we could do it. The only problem, we found out later on, is British Columbia looks like a giant sheet of corrugated metal, with all the mountain ranges running North to South, ans dominant winds come from the West. It sounds like a challenge! Let’s do this!!!

And so the race began, with a couple of mountain passes each day, a Sasquatch, daunting headwinds, a rainy desert, provincial parks, mosquito attacks, and a century (100-mile ride) on the last day!

And we even got there a day early!


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