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Frying Pans and Hiking Boots

For the Tetons, we’ll let our friend Bill do the introduction:

“I drove on to Grand Teton National Park. And there’s another arresting name for you. Tetons means tits in French. … The first French explorers who passed through northwestern Wyoming took one look at the mountains and said, “Zut alors! Hey, Jacques, clock those mountains. They look just like my wife’s tetons.” Isn’t it typical of the French to reduce everything to a level of sexual vulgarity? Thank goodness, they didn’t discover the Grand Canyon, that’s all I can say. And the remarkable thing is that the Tetons look about as much like tits as … well, as a frying pan or a pair of hiking boots. In a word, they don’t look like tits at all, except perhaps to desperately lonely men who have been away from home for a very long time. They looked a little bit like tits to me.” – Bill Bryson, The Lost Continent

Well, the name sure doesn’t fit, but the Tetons mountain range is simply stunning. Back in the summer of 2012, when we decided we would go on this expedition, I changed my desktop wallpaper on my work computer to a picture of the Tetons. Every day at work, I could take a few moments to daydream about our journey to come. 

Now, we’re finally there. The Tetons. And it’s almost like a day back in the office! Yay!

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