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Over the 49th Parallel

It took us 9 months, but we made it past the border to another country! For the occasion, we were expecting (or rather hoping) for a ceremony, a speech, a stamp on our passport, heck, even a body search. Some kind of event showing us we changed country. But the passage over the 49th parallel couldn’t have been smoother. So Canada, here we were.

Now on the map, Canada already looks huge. And knowing it’s only 3 times the population of Belgium living in a country 330 times bigger… that leaves a lot of room for trees ! And riding through it, you get a real sense of the immensity of the land. Especially when you find out there’s only one road that can take you towards Vancouver. You know that one road sticking out on the map? That’s literally the only thing to ride on. Unless you want to take your chances in the mud on logging roads with the coyotes, bear, bobcats and cougars (at least that’s what our first encountered local told us).

So off we went, into British Columbia, the land of trees and lakes, or “The Best Place on Earth” as they put it on their signs. (Would modesty be a Canadian virtue ?)

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