The Big Easy

New Orleans! Words can’t describe how excited and proud we were to make to this beautiful city! And we were in good hands to get all the great tips to enjoy it! Our host Peter took us around to enjoy the nightlife, whether it was around bars to watch the Super Bowl or to a concert of classic jazz (even though one of our tires exploded after the concert & we had to walk our bikes back 4km in a Southern-style downpour). But nighttime wasn’t the only moment that made the city magical. There’s the views, the architecture and… the food! Names like jambalaya, crawfish, gumbo still make our mouths water. And to top it up, we savored some beignets (to be pronounced bay-NYAYZ) at the Cafe du Monde, so doused in powdered sugar that it’s impossible not to sneeze. So bless you, New Orleans!

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3 thoughts on “The Big Easy

  1. Mom

    We can feel your joy and excitement. It is glorious! 😉 and it makes my day so exciting too!

  2. France et Cédric

    La photo au Café du Monde est impressionnante. Jonathan ne se doute de rien, mais derrière lui un type essaie d’attraper un beignet (qui lévite à 20 centimètres de la table) avec sa longue langue rose.

  3. Pauline & Phil

    How perfect that you have this New Orleans page up for us to enjoy for Mardi Gras! You really DID see, hear, taste, and do so much–bravo! Those sugar powdered beignets do take one’s breath away … Bless you two!

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