Bryce and Beans

“I CAN’T DO THIS!!! My horse is trying to toss me off the cliff!!! I’m much too scared!!! “.

My wife was fighting her deepest fears (i.e. horseback riding and heights) to offer me such a beautiful anniversary present. As I watched the scene helplessly, holding tightly on the reins of my mule, all I could do was hope our cowboy/guide could calm her and the horse down.

“It’s gonna be all right Sis’. Just trust your horse. He likes himself too much to run off the cliff. If you can’t stand it, just close your eyes” said Jim the Cowboy.

Close your eyes in Bryce Canyon. Now that’s a strange idea. Here of all places. You want to keep your eyes open and let the unbelievable sink in. At least in the cases of the Grand Canyon or Zion, you can kind of “understand” what’s going on. But Bryce defies all comprehension.

After a few deep breaths and some reassuring, things started to calm down and the horses started to relax. So all we had to do from there was sit back and enjoy the ride. So we did. And with our eyes wide open, too.

As for the rest of the journey in southern Utah along the historic Mormon trails, it’s just been one unbelievable sight after another.  As cold weather and headwinds tried to creep in, we took our noble steeds (the bikes, not mules) and headed out, biking, camping, and celebrating our daily accomplishments in the evening around a feast of our favorite menu, rice and beans!.

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4 thoughts on “Bryce and Beans

  1. Mom

    No white dress, no church, no family and friends, but WOW such divine surroundings! I had of course never imagined, when we visited Bryce Canyon in 1992, than our little Jonathan would celebrate his third anniversary there with his adorable and very courageous wife! Congratulations, love birds! big hugs.

  2. GrandMaman

    Votre bonheur me réjouit ! je vous embrasse très fort. Continuez ainsi!

  3. Aurore

    Wahouuuuuu! trop beau!;o) profitez profitez profitez!!!! ;o)

  4. Susan Dumas

    Happy Anniversary! Elise would have been of some assistance in the riding department!

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